Terms & Conditions

Internet Minimum Advertised Price (iMAP) Terms & Condition Policy and Sales Rules & Regulations

for the Probiotic Healthy. Line of Products (effective 1/20/18)


As a condition of being a Wholesaler of Probiotic Healthy. products, adherence to the following terms and conditions is required. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions will result in your being discontinued as an authorized Wholesaler of any and all Probiotic Healthy. products.



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iMAP Policy

An Internet Minimum Advertised Price (“iMAP”) policy has been established for all Probiotic Healthy. products. The iMAP policy applies to all online locations for these products and all internet and like electronic media.  “Online location” is defined as the virtual place where Probiotic Healthy. products can be purchased by end-users. The iMAP applies to all advertisements for Safer Medical of MT Inc. products in any and all virtual/online media including, but not limited to, virtual/online: websites, shopping carts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, flyers, coupons, mailers (including eBlasts, etc.), email, and like electronic media. All wholesalers may NOT sell ANY Probiotic Healthy. products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, etc.


iMAP Policy Violations

Wholesaler understands that a violation of this policy is immediate grounds for terminating the relationship with Probiotic Healthy.  Wholesaler will be notified of all violations and instructed to cease and desist all sales that are in violation of the iMAP policy.

Disclosure of all Company Names

Wholesaler acknowledges full disclosure of all of its corporate names and business names under its controls (DBA’s – Doing Business As) to Probiotic Healthy. and has disclosed a list of any such business names to Probiotic Healthy.

Wholesaler understands that multiple accounts under different business names but under the control of a parent corporation or owner with Probiotic Healthy. are not permitted.  All orders with Probiotic Healthy. shall occur from the parent corporation or business.


Promotions or Changes to MSRP and iMAP Policy

The manufacturer may periodically reformulate Probiotic Healthy. products or engage in promotions with respect to certain items.  In such cases iMAP prices may be suspended or modified with respect to these products by timely notifying all Wholesalers of such change.  Such notification shall be made in writing to the Wholesaler by fax, email, or letter.

The manufacturer retains the right to modify MSRP at any time and will notify Wholesalers of such price modifications. All Wholesalers must implement such modifications within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of such notice.

The iMAP may be adjusted by Probiotic Healthy. (the manufacturer) at its sole discretion upon seven (7) day notice to you by letter, email, or fax.  Such adjustments shall be uniformly applied to all Wholesalers.



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